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An Original Badass

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

December 22nd 1937 – October 26th 2019

Some of my favorite memories are riding on my father’s knee, as he drove his big red Massey Ferguson around our property while he meticulously groomed his dirt bike trails through acres of his beautiful forested motorcycle ranch.  Dad would be out there until well after dark, perfecting his jumps, smoothing out the T.T. and Short Track, clearing away the unwanted brush, perfecting the fire pit and eventually rumbling back up to the house with only the two dim headlights of his old tractor to light the way.

Dave Wilson had a dream and he achieved it.


From a very young age Dave felt the calling of the biker lifestyle. By the age of 14 he had his first motorized bicycle, a Pixie.  This was the start of a long motorcycle love story, owning many different motorcycles and participating in many different motorcycle sports.  Dave nurtured motorcycling in the Greater Vancouver area for over 60 years, participating, organizing, officiating and promoting.  He was an ice racer, flat tracker, hill climber, drag racer, trial racer, mud racer, road racer, and the list goes on.  Dave was a member of the Earth Angels Motorcycle Club, BC Old Timers Motocross Club, American Motorcycle Association, Harley’s Owner Group, Canadian Motorcycle Association and was a member of the Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club for over 60 years.  If that isn’t enough, he was also an avid slalom skier, snow skier, trick skier, rugby player, and hockey player.  He earned a journeyman ticket in carpentry, a millwright ticket, graduated with a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia and followed that with a Master’s Degree in Adult Education.  

If you were privileged enough to be a friend of Dave’s you’d know there was never a dull moment.  

His passion and enthusiasm for motorcycles was contagious.  Dave loved to share his accomplishment of a motorcycle playground with his friends and frequently invited people over to play; lining up his extensive collection of dirt bikes for those that didn’t have a ride.  I remember huge gatherings on our property with giant custom built BBQ pits and the most delicious smelling meats roasting as dusty clouds of dirt lazily drifting through the air from all the bikes riding nearby, bluegrass music playing in the background and there was always a game of horseshoes going on.  I will forever appreciate his gift of experiences; better than ever owning ‘something’ is to have made memories with others, and making memories he did, not only for himself but for hundreds, maybe even thousands, of other people.

So thank-you Dad and don’t worry, I will make sure to ride the shit out of your Harley FXD for you.  


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