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That sweet harmony; a perfect synergy between bike and rider where you feel so fucking powerful and everything is just in sync. Being one with your bike where gauges and lights have no part in suggesting how to ride. No effort, no thought, all you need is that beautiful rumble of the motor in your ear from a low drone to climax before a shift. Leaning into corners, executing technically and stylistically perfect, then feeling the exhilarating force of acceleration out of one and into the next.

It took me too many years to finally know what that perfect synergy feels like. I’ve ridden many styles of bike and loved them all, but never really found that harmony. In fact, I didn’t know it was even missing. Since I was a kid I’ve always loved to ride, whether it was on dirt or pavement. Recently my love for riding has increased significantly; a pleasant surprise since I didn’t even realize it was possible. Spending so much time on “Lumpy”, my Dyna Super Glide, this past year has taught me many things.

  1. Size Matters. (Insert eggplant emoji here) Get the bike that fits you because I’m telling you, that is the MOST important part if you want stress free rides. Cramped legs, or strained shoulders just isn’t enjoyable in the long run.

  2. Power Rules. Let’s face it, depending on your skill level, an underpowered bike is just not as fun. If you let the idea of power scare you, sell the bike and start knitting.

  3. Bars, Bars, Bars! Yes, that’s right, fix your damned bars! I had no idea what a pair of 10” Z bars could do for my ride, and it’s a relatively easy fix. Really seek out what is comfortable for you. For years I rode with beach bars that were way too wide for me. I’d stress during slow maneuvers and got a sore neck way too often. The right bars will make ALL the difference, whether they are too narrow, too wide or too far away, FIX it!

  4. It Might Not Be You! If you have yet to discover that feeling described above, maybe it’s your bike and not your riding skills. I had no idea it was my bike holding me back for so long, but it was. I know we all have our bonds with our machines, but it might be time to say goodbye and acquire something that suits you more. Really think about the experiences of riding that are less enjoyable and fix it! I LOVED my Vulcan 900; I still have a special bond with this bike. Hindsight is 20/20, it was too wide for me, too heavy and too underpowered for my level of riding. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fricking awesome bike, I just outgrew it.

I don’t know about you, but I had no idea what I was missing. I no longer worry about anything when I’m on my bike, except Diesel on the road LOL. I feel STRONG. It’s a widely untapped strength we all have inside that most of us aren’t even aware of. It almost brings a tear to my eye now when I relive some of the recent rides we’ve done, where the stress of life just melts away and it’s just me and my bike. Not to mention Sug’s horrendous singing of obscure tunes blasting through the comms. If you aren’t sure if you’ve discovered what I’m describing, then you haven’t found that sweet harmony yet. You have that strength; It’s in there! Now go find it, so we can kill it on 2 wheels together!


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