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The Founders - Marla & Sug met in 2013. One of the first conversations was Marla asking Sug "Do you ride a motorcycle?" and the Badassery begun.


​Ambassador of Badassery was a creative self-identifying statement for Sug for 15+ years, and that's how it was. One day Marla came along and saw the potential in creating a community with like-minded badasses and the inception of Ambassadors of Badassery took off.


With Sug's creative eye and Marla's ability to apply idea to full execution, Ambassadors of Badassery was born spring of 2019 in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

MARLA james


Marla grew up on acreage in Mt. Lehman BC Canada. Her father, a flat track racer, threw her on a bike as soon as she could walk and Marla’s love for motorcycles hasn't missed a beat since.


Like any true AOB, Marla is as tenacious as they come never giving up when life throws you down. Successfully getting Sug back in the saddle after a gruesome motorcycle accident was a major milestone for them both, and now cruising through the canyons with her bike reflecting in Sug’s side mirror is where she’s happiest. “Don’t fear dying, fear never living” is Marla’s motto for life.



Sug was raised in Squamish BC Canada where he learned what it meant to be tough. With a militant mindset, Sug describes himself as having a “serious dislike for stupid people, proud to be a biker and living without regrets”.


Facing death head-on May 27 2017, Sug lost his Victory King Pin "Falcor", and a whole lot more, in a serious motorcycle accident. Refusing to quit, you can still spot Sug back on the road with his new Victory Vegas 8-ball "Garthim" often outfitted with crutches or a cane strapped on his back, in serious AOB fashion.

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