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This fully seam sealed, waterproof & windproof jacket, has a ratnik style urban camo shell and an AOB Blue digi camo liner. Featuring ghosted logos on the front and back plus white logos on the forearms and our Medukan skull printed inside.


The hood is fully removable to prevent strangulation for those windy days on the bike, and a quarter-zip collar to keep the neck warm. Velcro wrist closures and an invisible rain & wind repellent zipper attaching the hood.


Also includes our Kibisis Grime Bag to keep your jacket protected while thrown into saddlebags.


100% Treated Polyester

Medukan WTHR Gear Jacket

  • I've worn it riding, and walking; while riding, it's absolutely wonderful in terms of wind blocking for comfort

    (my armoured jacket is a summer one, so while very well ventilated it's not so awesome when it's cool/cold out. On those days, I used to wear a fleece underneath of it, but the wind still comes through.)

    The AOB jacket worn over top is way more comfortable! Could be another way to market it too (buy a size up and wear it over your existing armoured jacket). It goes on/off over my other jacket with ease, but still fits magically well. 


    I haven't encountered rain while riding, but I did while walking and was very impressed with how the water beaded off. I know it's a treated fabric, and needs to be washed with special stuff to maintain that, but still it's pretty fantastic! I suspect it'll keep the rain drops out even at speed while riding (but haven't confirmed just yet)


    Two things I would change/add for a next generation version: I find that the pockets would be more ergonomically positioned if they were an inch or two more forward. Not sure if it's because of the other jacket I wear underneath or not, but when I reach for the pocket I find it feels like I'm reaching too far back to access them. And the other minor thing is that it would be more convenient if there were little zipper pulls to make it easier to zip/unzip the jacket/pockets while wearing gloves. I think I'll find/add some. Just makes it  less challenging when needing to access a credit card at the gas station or key fob at a parking gate. 


    Being a metro Vancouver lifer, I've had numerous rain jackets ranging from around $25 to $800+... and this one performs WAY above it's $145 price tag. Value for the money is a solid 11/10. 


    PS: The aesthetic design is soooooo good! I've always been a fan of asymmetrical designs, and this one is awesome. From the graphics to the colours to the print quality. Every detail very well thought out. Not gonna lie, wearing it while riding brings a renewed sense of "I'm awesome. This is badass. Let's goooooooo!" 


    Very satisfied repeat customer, 


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